Praying for Committees

by Richard Long,

  We had a wonderful visit from James and Helen Lunney last night.  They came for dinner and stayed for prayer.

   As usual with visiting M.P.s, we had lots of questions for him about how we could be praying right now for the new government.  He mentioned that all of the Parliamentary Secretaries were being chosen this week, and that M.P.s were all putting in for which Committees they preferred to sit on. 

  The choice of which Committees  each one will recieve will be negotiated over the next few days.  The big question is how many members from each Party will be allowed on each portfolio.  It is assumed that there will be 12 people per committee and that the Conservatives may argue for 6 seats on each one according to the Globe and Mail.  That would unjam the very dysfunctional committees.  Something to pray about!

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