Meeting M.P.’s

by Richard Long,

  We had a great highlight today.  The King’s Kids group that are here, whom we are now calling Team Canada, had the chance to meet with M.P. Steven Fletcher from Charleswood -St. James – Assiniboia.  So after a tour of Parliament we waited in the Rotunda for him to appear.

   Soon we heard a whirrrr and turned to see him speeding his way over to us in his motorized cart.  He had brought along a wonderful bonus.  He introduced us to his new colleague from Portage-Lisgar, a brand new M.P. named Candace Hoeppner .   They were very warm toward these 8-12 year olds and after answering questions and telling us a little about themselves,  a couple of the kids prayed amazing prayers over them.  We got the requisite pictures with both M.P.’s and some more quality moments before they had to leave.

  It is the “rookie” orientation week in Ottawa for all the brand new M.P.’s so we would encourage you to be praying for them as they find their way in this new political jungle.  Even the task of finding qualified staff to assist them in their Ottawa office is a brand new task and one that requires great wisdom.  I was pleased to find out that Candice Hoeppner already knew all about the National House of Prayer and I could assure her of our prayers for her settling in to her new role.

  By the way Steven Fletcher is one of my heroes.  As a quadrapalegic he outworks most of the rest of us.  He has such a postive approach to life and has already been made the parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Health.  Having heard his testimony I know that his faith is the most significant factor in his life.

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