China Behind You

by Richard Long,

  Many of you reading this blog have heard the story of the prophetic word given to Rob and Fran about “China Behind You”.  You know how that confirmed the location of the building that we are now in because the Chinese Embassy is right behind us.  More than that, in the establishment of our ministry it was Chinese Christians and some specific congregations that made the greatest financial contributions.  The Chinese were behind us in that way especially and the Fountain of Life Church played the greatest role.

  That prophetic word, given by Bobby Connor also challenged Rob Parker that we would eventually have an impact on China.  This weekend was a big step forward.  The Fountain of Life Church translated all our notes and recorded the session in Mandarin.  This now gives us the tools to be able to use to teach our School of Prayer in other Chinese settings from now on.

  We are grateful to Pastors Jason and Emily Liu and their remarkable team for the way they have encouraged us and launched us even further into God’s purposes.

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