School of Prayer in Toronto

by Richard Long,

  We are excited to be at the Fountain of Life Church in Toronto that is being pastored by Jason and Emily Liu.  We arrived to start teaching last night and we are doing the school throughout today and tomorrow.  It is all being translated into Mandarin, and even all our notes have been pre-translated for the participants.  This is really exciting because we sense the Lord is using this school to train us for ministry down the road in China.

  Rob Parker and I are accompanied by two of our Nazarites, Dwayne and Neil who are both from Roblin, Manitoba.  Michele our team administrator is here to help us, not just with details, and recording, but also with the language.  You see Michele has been to China already nine times and loves the Chinese people and culture.  So she has been teaching us phrases to use as we interact with our friends here in Toronto.

  We are having an awesome time, being hosted by very loving and kind people, who keep trying to fill us with more delicious food.  Hopefully the Lord is using us to fill them up with good spiritual food.

Remember to check the blogging that is being done by our Nazarites every day.  Every day is an adventure for them.  Check it out at

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