We’re praying for Quebec

by Richard Long,

  Today we are spending our prayer energy on Quebec and especially the French-language debate.  We believe that the French debate is probably more important in terms of the final outcome of the election because of the 75 ridings in La Belle Province than the debate on Thursday night.

  Our Nazarites have pulled out the Quebec ridings that they have been researching and we spent the morning praying over these files and praying into the issues that pertain specifically to that region.

  A lot of our prayers so far today have been praying for the spiritual condition of this very secularized province.  We prayed for them to feel accepted and even celebrated by the rest of Canada.  This week we have also had 3 ladies from Owen Sound, Ont who have joined us to intercede.  Tonight we will watch the debate through  translation and we will be praying throughout the process. 

  Let us know if you have any impressions about how you are praying for our French fellow-citzens.

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