Get ready for an election.

by Richard Long,

  It’s been a busy weekend at 24 Sussex Dr, the home of our Prime Minister.  He has had brief meetings with all 3 leaders of the other parties in Parliament.  Ostensibly this was to determine if any of them would be supporting the upcoming agenda of the Fall session which was to start in a couple more weeks.

  Astute observers of all the signals will tell you that this was a mere formality and that all parties knew that an election was about to be called.

  We are told that sometime in the next week that will officially happen.

  Which means our prayer strategy changes.  We begin praying for righteous men and women to take their place in the 308 ridings across the country as we look for the many changes that will occur when the nation goes to the polls.

  Certainly we encourage all praying people to gear themselves up for action!

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