Keeping the Sabbath

by Richard Long,

  Been reading a great book this summer by Mark Buchanan titled “The Rest of God”.  This is one of those books you have to slow read.  Which is the greatest compliment that I can pay a good writer.  So I have been reading it gradually, letting it soak in.

  It’s a book devoted to the true concept of Sabbath.

Here’s a great quote from chapter 5.  “As the rabbis are fond of saying, more than Israel ever kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath kept Israel.  I would alter this slightly: to the extent that they kept the Sabbath, Sabbath kept them.  Sabbath living orients us toward that which, apart from rest, we will always miss.”

  Throughout this book Mark Buchanan gives excellent wisdom about why we need to have seasons of rest in order to live the lives that God planned for us.  You must read this book!

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