Anything You Ask – Colin Urquhart

by Richard Long,

   I’m back in the office today after a couple of weeks vacation.  Terry and I did quite a bit of travelling and spoke on the 3 Sundays while we were gone in different places.  As usual we tend to stop along the way at antique and second-hand stores.  My eye is always on the lookout for used books.  I think I only brought back about a dozen this time.

  One of these “new-to-me” books is by an Anglican Charismatic leader from Horeham, West Sussex in the U.K. named Colin Urquhart.  He has since founded a small network of churches called Kingdom Faith.   I’ve got a bunch of his books, but hadn’t seen one devoted to the topic of prayer.  So I grabbed it in the used book store in Clavering when I saw it on the shelf.  It’s called “Anything You Ask” and has 33 short chapters on prayer.  (Probably originally a series of sermons that he did in 1978.)

  Here’s an excerpt …

“When I ask church-going people if they pray, most say that they do.  But if I go on to enquire if God does whatever they ask of Him, there is usually an embarrased silence or even laughter at the suggestion.  People seem to be saying “Oh we pray, but fancy expecting God to do everything we ask!”

“And yet this is precisely what Jesus promises… Jesus wants us to be an asking people.  And when we pray He wants us to know that we can expect to receive whatever we ask.”

   So does that challenge you like it did me?  It’s got me reading through this neat little book looking for gleanings on the life of prayer and faith.

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