Beyond Politics




by Kirsten Harty

After having spent a wonderful two weeks with family (throughout Alberta), I’m back at home in Ottawa, and enjoying a relaxing summer…. (comparatively speaking, considering the busy year we’ve had)….

One of the things I’ve recently discovered is a great program on CPAC entitled “Beyond Politics”…. it’s a non-partisan, up-close-and-personal look at some of our elected officials.

Hosted by Catherine Clark – who does a stellar job at asking great questions – its given me an appreciation for what motivates our MPs, considering the varied life experiences and socio-economic environments they’ve come from.

For instance, did you know, that of our MPs….

– one of them was a national downhill skiing champion as a youth?
– another is an MD who, prior to politics, had the unfortunate experience of amputating the leg of a young man who was a landmine victim in Africa… resulting in this member introducing a private member’s bill in the early ’90’s which in turn resulted in an International Land Mine Treaty which now saves 17,000 lives a year….
– an MP’s riding is cut in half by the Rocky Mountains and requires travel by plane in certain regions of his riding

It’s going beyond a name and riding, and getting to hear their hearts….

Beyond Politics” … check it out.

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