Praying for a Pro-life demonstration

by Richard Long,

   Yesterday there was a pro-life rally held at the Governor General’s residence to protest the award of the Order of Canada to Dr. Henry Morgantaler.  About 500 folks showed up to voice their displeasure.  That’s Faytene Kryskow with the sign behind the speaker.  You can find out what her team at My Canada are doing by going to their website.

  Rob Parker and Michèle Cloutier went over to lend some prayer support in the background and took the picture above.  We sense this is an important window in our nation’s history, as those who believe that abortion is murder, to get this issue back into the public debate.  We didn’t orchestrate this moment, but it has arrived and we need to make the most of it for the sake of the unborn and for the sake of our nation.

  Let’s pray that the veil of deception that has blinded people from thinking this through clearly, would come off the collective conciousness of the people.    May God have mercy upon all of us!

  Personal note:  As soon as I heard about this rumoured award, I felt the Lord saying that we needed to pray that current recipients of the Order of Canada would have the courage and will to begin returning their awards as a protest.  So I was encouraged when this immediately began happening.  Let’s continue to pray for this to grow, as it is apparent that the media is especially paying attention to those acts of demonstration.

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