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Regular readers of this blog will know that Wendy Turpin has contributed many of the articles since we began in late January.  Wendy was one of our Prayer Missionaries during the last season and ended her term at the end of June.  She is seeking the Lord about how to continue her calling to pray for the nation, and there is a good chance she will be returning to Ottawa later this year in some capacity.

On the weekend she was able to share at a church in Beamsville, Ontario and was excited to give us this report…

by Wendy Turpin

Well, I’m on a vacation of sorts in Hamilton with family and friends for the first time since Easter and it’s great to be able to reconnect with everyone. I’ve even had time to put in a few good words for the National House of Prayer at Faith Family Fellowship in Beamsville, Ontario, yesterday where I was asked to share. The Lord has so impassioned me with prayer for this nation and our government and it was wonderful to see others within the body have their eyes opened to the need for prayer for our leaders and what is going on, on Parliament Hill.

I noticed something yesterday, howver, and that is, that there is such a need in this nation for word to get out about prayer for our government leaders, and what a great resource the National House of Prayer is for those who wish to learn more about this area of ministry. Many of the things I shared with this congregation surrounding proposed legislation, such as Bill C-484, was news to some and they were glad I brought it to their attention.

I can’t reiterate enough that believers need to get connected with what’s happening in our federal government through reading the newspapers, watching Question Period on CPAC, and staying in touch with our member of parliament. Additionally, the National House of Prayer can help with resources, if you’re lost and don’t know where to begin. Reading this blog is a good start. When we educate ourselves, we can pray informed specific prayers which will bring more immediate results in our government. Case in point, the recent prayers and passing of Bill C-30. Thanks for caring for our government and thanks for praying! You ARE making a difference!

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