Praying for the Military

by Richard Long,


The month of July brought a major change to the top of our Canadian Military.  The much beloved General Rick Hillier retired and immediately took up the Chancellorship of Newfoundland’s Memorial University.  Replacing him is Gen. Walter Natynczyk, a Winnipeg native who know is the Chief of Defence Staff.

  He needs our prayers, as it will be under his command that the soldiers are recalled in 2011.  One of his tasks, along with the chaplains, is to speak to the families of the wounded and killed over in Afghanistan.  If you have been watching the news that means that he has to make two difficult phone calls this weekend.

  Our troops are deployed on directions from our government.  In that sense they are an arm of government.  This means they are also a part of our prayer mandate at NHOP. 

  One way you can be kept informed about how to pray for the Military is through the prayer arm of the Canadian Christian Military Fellowship, which is led by Michael and Leonor Ward.  Here’s the link to their website where you can sign up for their monthly newsletters.

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