The silver lining in the Morgantaler cloud.

by Richard Long,

   Many of us where in consternation as we prayed last weekend about the rumour that the Order of Canada was about to be given to Dr. Henry Morgantaler.  The morning papers on July 2nd confirmed our fears.  It’s been a week of constant editorials, opinion articles and political spin as we have read the newspapers. 

   From where I sit, in the big picture of what I think God is doing in answer to our prayers, this is good.  I’m not saying its good that our nation has sunk so low that we would honour the culture of death.  But, the elephant in the room is being noticed again.  Despite the repeated statement by polilticians that the debate about abortion is over, clearly it is not.  As Christians we need to continue to keep this life and death issue before the nation.  It is a new window that has been opened up for us.  Backroom manipulation is being exposed as are the hearts of many.

   One writer who has made a great case this weekend is a regular favorite of mine.  David Warren who writes in the Ottawa Citizen has written two great articles yesterday and today.  They give some interesting insight into what was happening in the back rooms a week ago when this controversy began to break.  If you would like to check them out here’s the link.  Be encouraged.  Spread the word.

   Let’s keep praying and believing for a miraculous turnaround toward LIFE in our nation.

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One Response to The silver lining in the Morgantaler cloud.

  1. comebuildhope says:

    Perhaps the silver lining is that God is asking Christian’s to take a look at the root causes and seek solutions rather than looking for a quick fix for the symptom

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