Happy Canada Day!

by Richard Long,

  Praise God for an incredible nation that we have been given the privilege to live in and celebrate today!

Ottawa is the place if you want to really experience Canada Day in its fullness.  They estimate that there will be 300,000 people in the streets and parks around Parliament Hill today.  A sea of red and white.  It will all culminate with a spectaculour fireworks display at 10:05 PM.

At NHOP this is a big day for us as well.  Our little cul-de-sac will be having a small block party this afternoon, giving us a chance to meet our neighbours and have a BBQ together.  Then at 7:00 PM we will be using the park across the street to co-host a National Prayer Rally.  The Lord has provided a beautiful clear day in contrast to a week’s worth of rain that ended last night, so it will be good to be outside.

This prayer rally was suggested to us over a year ago by the prayer committee of the Christian & Missionary Alliance churches.  They are in town for their annual convention.  So those who have arrived early for the national holiday will come over to join us and other Ottawa believers to spend a couple of hours calling out to God for our nation.  We will end in time to head over to see the fireworks.

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