Why we need to pray for the Human Rights Tribunals

by Richard Long,

  We continue to pray for a total overhaul of the various Human Rights councils in this country, whether they be provincial or national.  It is encouraging that more and more people are picking up on this issue, including M.P.s, reporters, and human rights advocates.  Now if we could get more Christians involved!

Here’s the opening lines from an article in today’s Halifax Chronicle Herald by a writer Paul Schneidereit.

“HOW FAR are the human rights thought police willing to go in this country?

Just watch them.

In Alberta last month, a government human rights apparatchik slapped a lifetime gag on an evangelical pastor, legally prohibiting him from ever again publicly expressing – via publishing, radio, public speech, e-mail or other Internet use – anything “disparaging” on homosexuality, regardless of whether his views are based on honestly held religious beliefs.

Think about that one for a moment. Stephen Boissoin, the target of the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal’s May 30 ruling, has been told by the state he cannot – for the rest of his life – publicly utter a word that could be considered insulting to gays, even if he’s quoting from Christian Scripture.”

You can read the full article here.

Please pray that over the summer months as our politicians are back in their home ridings that this issue would continue to be high on their radar screens.  Hopefully when they come back in the Fall they will make it a priority in the Justice Committee and with potential legislation to make some major reforms


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