Lord’s Prayer Victory in Ontario

by Richard Long,

Yesterday the Dalton McGuinty Liberal government in Ontario decided to back away from their plan to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the provincial legislature.  The vote was 58 – 0 with 49 MPs absent.

In the Globe and Mail it stated …

Mr. McGuinty, who admitted even his Catholic mother was angered earlier this year by the idea of doing away the Lord’s Prayer in February, didn’t attend the vote on the motion to preserve the prayer.

“We have come together the Ontario way -recognizing our traditions and heritage while embracing and celebrating our diversity,” he said in a statement after the motion passed unanimously.

“The legislature belongs to all of us, and now its practices will reflect a modern Ontario that is home to many faiths and creeds, and anticipates a future every bit as open, and compassionate and respectful as the Ontario we have built together.”

The motion, introduced by Liberal house leader Michael Bryant, followed the recommendation of an all-party committee that was asked to study alternatives to the prayer.

It had to sift through more than 25,000 petitions from the public, with the vast majority opposing any move to replace the Lord’s Prayer.

“We’ve not only modernized the ritual of the legislature but we’ve also, I think, allowed for Ontario and Canadian politics to reflect a unique identity,” Mr. Bryant said in the legislature.

We are encouraged here at the National House of Prayer with this answer to many prayers.

In our minds this is an interesting trend, along with Premier Charest in Quebec making a motion to keep the cross in their Legislative Assembly, it seems that politicians are beginning to recognize rather than run away from our Christian heritiage in Canada.

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