Praying about Human Rights Tribunals

by Richard Long,

We have been particularily exercised to pray for a total overhaul or abolition of the current Human Rights Councils in this country.  As recent as a couple of weeks ago, the Ontario HRC ruled against the ministry of Christian Horizons setting a precedence that could affect the staffing of all Christian ministries in Canada.  In our most recent newsletter we outlined the need to pray for a number of evangelical groups who are considering how to respond to this threat.

A very important hearing is happening this week in British Columbia as the national magazine Maclean’s is defending itself against a complaint brought by a Muslim group that is accusing it of hate speech.  That hearing is being blogged extensively.  You can read a blow-by-blow account on  In fact we would encourage you to go back into the February archives of Mr. Levant’s blog to see the nature of what happens in these quasi-judicial trials.

Recently M.P. Keith Martin has suggested a review of section 13 (the hate crime section) in the Human Rights legislation so that it cannot be used to prosecute thoughts and opinions.  Last Friday the Justice Department announced it would take on a major review of the whole Canadian Human Rights Tribunal actions and legislation.  We saw this as a major answer to prayer.

Please continue to pray that these abusive tribunals would be reformed or removed so that freedom of speech and religion would return to our nation.


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