Why we pray for M.P.’s

by Richard Long,

   With the resignation of our Minister of Foreign Affairs in the last 24 hours, we are reminded why these politicians need our prayers.  Placed in positions of great power the pressure and exposure can be too much for some to handle.  Grave errors in judgment occur.  These people need our prayers!

One of the regular things we do with our visiting prayer teams, is go over the top 5 prayer needs of our M.P.s.  These are areas that politicians tell us they need our prayers.

1. Family/Spouse.  Because they are often working 90 hours a week, there isn’t much time left over for quality time with children or spouses.  The divorce rate is terrible.

2. Protection.  Whether or not they are aware of it all M.P.s are in a place of great vulnerability, both mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Their own integrity is challenged over and over.

3. Wisdom.  This is quite obvious, given the kinds of decisions they have to make each day.

4. Health.  Due to the long hours usually sitting around tables, the stress and pressure, the physical health of politicians is often compromised.

5. Friendships.  It can be lonely when you are always looking over your shoulder wondering who wants to take your position, not knowing who you can trust.  Supportive relationships are essential.

Can we encourage you to pray daily for your own M.P. in these important areas of their lives.

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