Praying for the next 4 weeks of Parliament

By Richard Long,

The official newspaper for the government is The Hill Times.  One of its reporters suggests that it could be a raucous few weeks ahead.  Same as usual.

Here’s part of the article which gives an overview of where Parliament is at in terms of legislation …

“Of the 55 bills introduced in the second session of the 39th Parliament, 17 are still at second reading, eight are at committee (four of which are in two “dysfunctional” committees­Procedure and House Affairs and the Justice Committee), three are at report stage and three are at third reading. Four are in Senate committees and one at second reading in the Senate. Twenty bills have passed and received royal assent. The bills which have passed include such items as the Tackling Violent Crime Act, the Security Certificates Bill, and many housekeeping ones such as budget implementation and supply bills. There are currently three government bills on the Notice Paper which have yet to be introduced in the House­a long-awaited bill on copyright reforms which has been on the Order Paper since Dec. 7, 2007, a bill to deal with the transport of dangerous goods, and a bill to deal with the election of directors on the Canadian Wheat Board.”

On an encouraging note, we saw a full apology today from the Liberal finance critic to the Finance Minister Jim Flaherty for accusations he had been making over and over again about conflict of interest.  It was good to see that apology immediately received and a crossing of the floor to shake hands.  Let’s pray for more of that!

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