Catch Up

by Wendy Turpin

As most of our regular readers have figured out by now, Richard Long is the one who has done most of the blogging here.   I mention this because I remember Richard mentioning to me last week that he wanted to add something about the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, but on my recent review of the last few days I’ve noticed that somehow it was overlooked. 

Actually, the last two weeks around here has been a flurry of activity with not only our attendance at the breakfast on May 15th but two wonderful teams, one from the Toronto area and one from the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, area visiting, a leaders lunch here at the house for the Roger and Sue Mitchell Conference hosted by NHOP (thank you Eglise Liberte for allowing us to hold our conference at your church), a local school group attending a one day seminar with us, Roger Armbruster coming and staying a few days with two wonderful men from Figi who are missionaries to Canada who were on their way to the far, far, far north.  And that was just the last seven days.  I know other things have happened, but quite honestly, as I said, it’s all a blur.  

But it’s been a good blur, if you know what I mean.  It is always such a blessing for me to see such a high volume of activity here at NHOP, because it is confirmation over and over again of the calling that is upon the National House of Prayer as it educates and trains Canadians in how to pray for this nation. And we’re just getting started; this ministry has only been in operation for two and a half years.  It is amazing to me just how much God has blessed us here and how quickly this house is becoming an anchor point for churches and ministries across Canada who feel the call to pray for government and this nation. 

But back to the prayer breakfast.  Richard is taking a much needed day off golfing somewhere, so I’d really like to try and help him out a bit and tell you that the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast was excellent and well attended with nearly 800 people.  It has really grown in the last couple of years and the National House of Prayer was even thanked for our contribution to it by organizer and MP David Anderson.  We were glad to help!  The speech by Judy Graves from Vancouver was well received, as well, as were the readings by different MPs.  This parliamentary breakfast, in itself, is a good way for Christians from all parties to join together in faith and pray.  I, personally, was glad to be part of it.

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