The Northwest Passage in Canadian History

by Wendy Turpin

We wrote a little about Roger Armbruster, who heads up Canada Awakening Ministries, a week ago. He and his wife Marge have been missionaries to the arctic since 1992. On April 27th, 2008, Roger wrote an informative article on the Northwest Passage and the important role it is still playing in Canadian History.  I find his article is helpful in praying strategically for Canada and for that reason, thought I would share it with you.  Roger writes,  A major portion of the Canadian Government’s Speech from the Throne on October 16, 2007, was devoted to the Canadian Arctic. This is largely because of the strategic nature of the Northwest Passage to Canadian claims of sovereignty in the North …. CONTINUE READING BY CLICKING HERE

Two more resources to help pray:  There’s a great movie out just recently, as well, called Passage, about the Northwest Passage expedition.   Passage was recently reviewed by, which states:  An unforgettable exchange occurs when Tagak Curley, an Inuit leader known as the Nelson Mandela of the North, exposes a vicious lie with which his people have been smeared for more than 150 years – and receives an apology from Gerald Dickens, the amiable great-great-grandson of the famous writer who helped create that lie.  READ MORE HERE   You can see the trailer by going to this website:  The Passage

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