Camp “Fire”

by Richard Long

We announced it briefly in our newsletter  a few weeks ago, but we now have a little more information about our highschool camp that we will be running this summer.  We felt it made a lot of sense to do this in the week leading up to The Cry, since there will be hundreds if not thousands of teenagers here on Aug. 23rd. 

Our greatest challenge will be to select only 35 key kids from all those who are coming.  What we want to do is to “ignite the prayer life” of teenagers who will then start fires on their highschool campuses and youth ministries all across the nation.  So … we are not looking for a kid whose mother thinks this is a great idea.  We are looking for a young person who is self-motivated already in the area of prayer.

The week will run from Aug. 17th through the 23rd allowing kids to fly back home on the Sunday Aug. 24th.  It will be filled with fun activities and faith-stretching events.  Lots of worship, prayer, training and practical opportunities to work out what they are learning.

More can be found on our website.  Registration forms will be coming soon.

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