Ascension Day

by Richard Long

Today on the Christian Calendar is the day we think about our Lord’s ascension in to heaven.  Coming a week before Pentecost, it gets overshadowed by that celebration and by the other major feasts of the year like Christmas and Resurrection Day.

However there is a lot to celebrate when we think of the Lord’s welcome back into His Heavenly home.  There are implications for all of us and for a life of prayer. 

1. We are reminded of the promise by the angels that he will return “in like manner”.  So as soon as we think of him leaving we are reminded to anticipate his returning.

2. His ascension means that He has gone so that He could send His replacement, “another Comforter” – the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told his early followers to wait until “they were clothed with power from on high”. 

3. It is very important in terms of prayer to know that we have an advocate who sits at the right hand of the Father where he “ever lives to make intercession for us.”  What has Jesus been doing for the last 2000 years?  He’s been accomplishing His ministry of intercession.  That’s why we have confidence to pray!

Happy Ascension Day!

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