by Richard Long

It is no surprise to anyone who has spend some time with us at NHOP to learn that we love to “prayerwalk”.  After all our director, Rob Parker walked from Calgary to Ottawa back in 2000, praying all along the way.  So we like to have people walk from our centre over to Parliamnet Hill, praying as they go. 

The simplest definition of prayerwalking comes from the book by the same name by Steve Hawthorne and Graham Kendrick.  “Prayerwalking is praying onsite with insight.”  They go on to write, “Prayerwalking is on-site prayer.  On-site praying is simply praying in the very places where you expect your prayers to be answered.  Walking is the best way to place yourself on-site…”

If you want to find lots more resources you can go to Steve Hawthorne’s ministry website

       Meanwhile … let’s get out there and prayerwalk our nation.

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