One in the Spirit

by Wendy Turpin

In Ezekiel 13:5 God admonishes the false prophets for not going up to repair the breaks in Israel’s walls so that it would stand firm in the day of battle. Later on, God calls out to Israel through Ezekiel saying He searched for one righteous man to stand in the gap and help rebuild the wall of righteousness (Ezek 22:30) but could find none. As believers, we know that God solved that problem through Christ (Isa. 59:16) and in unity with His Spirit we, being made righteous (2 Cor 5:21) through our faith in Him, create an amazing wall of righteousness that the gates of hell cannot prevail against (Matt. 16:18) as the Church.

Canadian believers need to see that we, through faith in Christ’s resurrection, are made one in the Spirit with one another and with Him (John 17:20-23), and as such form an incredible wall of righteousness around this nation. The Lord reminded me of this the other day when I was shown Jason Upton’s  testimony of prayer on YouTube.  The entire thing was recorded live as the first track on his Remember CD. Please take the time to watch his testimony. You will be amazed, because it illustrates how powerful the church can be when we are in unity with Him and with one another, because of His wonderful, inseparable, love for us.  

Just think — when the church is in unity, loving one another as God commands, when we intercede in the day of battle we are actually forming an incredible wall of righteousness around this nation, against which the gates of hell will not prevail!

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