Halifax Prayer Summit

by Richard Long

   The prayer summit we just enjoyed at the Oceanstone resort (near Peggy’s Cove) was attended by 36 leaders from 20 different congregationsand 15 denominations.  It was great to see a good representation of young leaders and business people included in the mix. 

   What I really appreciate about this group of leaders is the strong relationships they have developed over the last 18 months.  At that point about a dozen leaders, all who had been pastoring in the city for over 15 years, decided to start meeting together once a month for lunch in each others homes.  The strong friendships that have developed flow over into the prayer retreats, which makes it easy for me as a facilitator. 

    Thanks for your prayers.  The Lord was faithful in showing up in a big way.  He spoke very clearly to the spiritual leadership of Halifax, and it was deeply encouraging.  Their desperation to seek the Lord, and seek out the lost, was humbling.  It gives me great hope that the Lord is going to do a great work in their city and region.

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