Southern Baptists Who Pray

Pray Vancouver

by Richard Long

  In our ongoing coverage of other national prayer ministries, let us introduce you to the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists.  (  Now many of you know Baptists, and especially Southern Baptists as having a passion for missions, evangelism and church planting.  That is one of their strengths.  But in our experience they also firmly believe in prayer.

  I can remember leading a group of them a number of months ago on a prayer walk from the steps of the Supreme Court onto Parliament Hill and being encouraged about their burden for our nation and its government.  At that time I had met Glenna Heidt who coordinates their prayer network across the country.

Recently we got reaquainted at a national prayer leaders’ retreat and she mentioned that they take our regular prayer requests for government and put them out in their own emial newsletter.  I thought “That’s nice.”  Then she told me that it reaches 40,000 people around the world who pray for Canada!  Talk about broad-casting.

Glenna also is the prayer coordinator for Pray Vancouver.  They have a full service website that we highly recommend for those of you in that area.  Check it out at

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