On the road … in Dryden, Ontario

Doug and Michelle McMillan

by Richard Long

After a wonderful weekend at Thunder Bay Christian Fellowship, we were picked up by our former house managers, Doug and Michelle McMillan who drove us to their home town Dryden.  It’s about 4 hours north west of T-Bay and to my surprise, in another time zone.  It’s been wonderful to catch up with them and see what they are up to these days.  Many of you will remember the way they made our NHOP house a home in the first year and a half or operation.

We’ve already had a meeting Sunday night, done a short seminar this morning, and had a pastors’ lunch at noon.  Tonight is our final meeting here before Rob and I get on a small plane and head back to Thunder Bay and then home to Ottawa.  So this afternoon we went to the foodbank ministry that Doug and Michelle now direct here in the downtown.  It is extremely well organized, and has great volunteers who are very friendly and helpful to their clients.  Right now they have 260 families who access this foodbank out of a surrounding population of about 15,000 people.

It is very clear to us that Doug and Michelle have earned a lot of favour with the local ministerial who sponsor the foodbank and they seem to know every other person who drives by in a pickup truck or is out walking their dog.  This is the town they grew up in, met, married and raised a family in, so we are enjoying putting real scenery to the stories they used to tell us.

The McMillans are also an wonderful spiritual influence in the whole region.  They helped to open the doors for us in Thunder Bay and also are great hosts here in their home town.  We believe that long-term relationships are important in the kingdom of God.  We hope to keep coming back to this region over the years, and we hope to very soon have a prayer team from Thunder Bay and Dryden come and spend a week with us at NHOP.

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