Free Tibet!

Tibetan Protest

by Richard Long

  Just a few days ago we could hear out our back window the loud chanting of a large demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy.  For those of you who have visited us here at NHOP you will know that we are located very close to them.  The main chant from the several hundred demonstrators was “Free Tibet!, Free Tibet!”

   Like many of you we have been praying about the situation in Lhasa, and other cities in Tibet and western China.  It is apparent that with the window of time leading up to the Beijing Olympics this is the best moment for Tibetans to make a point to the watching world about their continued occupation.  Our hearts go out to those who have been oppressed and are now experiencing persecution.  So some of our prayers go in that direction.

   However, on another level, our deeper cry in prayer is “Free Tibet!”  Free it from the centuries of spiritual darkness and oppression that the Tibetan Buddhist priests exerted over the people.  Free them from the power of blinded obediance to the Dalai Lama.

   On that level we wonder if China is continuing to be used for Divine purposes to shake the foundations of that society so that it can be free to hear about the Saviour Jesus Christ.  So we pray for Tibetans and Chinese that the gospel would go forth in power in these lands that so desperately need to have true freedom of religion.

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