Why Pray if there was no resurrection?

Mary at the empty tomb

by Richard Long

   I read yesterday that a progressive minded minister in Toronto decide to change the words of that favourite Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is risen today” to “Glorious Hope has risen today …” in their liturgy this weekend.   I’m glad it made the papers.  What hope is there at all if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead?

   Why pray either, if there was no resurrection?  If Jesus didn’t defeat death, and rise as its victor, then he was just another dead hero, and not the atoning offering we all needed.  Furthermore, he failed as a high priest, and has not ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father, living forevermore as our great Intercessor.  We would have no advocate in the throneroom and our hope would be at best wishful thinking, not “glorious”. 

   Aren’t you glad instead that Mary Magdalene found an empty tomb, two attending angels and a gardener/Teacher who knew her name even before she asked.

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