Boiling Point in Parliament.

by Richard Long

The press pundits remarked that they had never heard of such a thing before in our nation’s history.  A Prime Minister sending a legal suit to the Opposition leader for breakfast on a Monday morning.  That’s how this week started here in Ottawa.  All of a sudden everyone is playing hardball.  Of course it is very serious stuff.  The Opposition is saying that Stephen Harper was involved in bribing the late Chuck Cadmen in May of 2005, which would be a criminal offence.  He is counter charging that they are acting criminally in libeling him in the press and on their website.

As we watched Question Period on last Friday, 20 out of the 28 questions asked were about this potential scandal.  The same continued yesterday, and will predicatibly happen today and the rest of this week. 

How then should we pray? 

So far we have been led to pray for the full truth.  In the light of everything being revealed, the innocent will be seen to be so, and the guilty will hopefully admit their wrongs.  That’s a big prayer; that in humility people would come forward and admit their errors. 

Impossible in Ottawa, you may say.  Actually admist all the rancour something else extraordinary happened yesterday.  An M.P. who had made haranguing comments in the previous session, made a full and unequivocal apology.  I was moved by how rigorous he was on himself and left no room for excuses for his behaviour.

He got a standing ovation.  So … there is some grace shining in the midst of all the contention.  That’s the other thing we pray for.  Great grace.  That the Lord would have mercy on our fractured Parliament, and that the members would begin to show that same grace and mercy to each other.  Sound impossible?  That’s why we pray!

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