Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem           

By Terry Long
The snow and sub-zero weather conditions crisply snapped me back into reality as my plane landed in Ottawa last Thursday.  I’ve just spent 8 glorious days in Israel living out a dream come true of a trip to the Holy Land.  The trip exceeded all and more of my expectations of being in the very homeland where my Saviour grew up and lived his earthly life.  The experience overwhelmed me.  
The most touching was the visit to the Yad Vashem, a memorial to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  The contrast of going into the museum to view an almost exterminated nation to then coming outside to overlook the now thriving city of Jerusalem is striking.  It speaks not only of the faithfulness and mercy of God, but also of a people destined to survive for the glory and purposes of God. 
Israel is blossoming again like an oasis in a very dry desert. This tender blossom needs our prayers.  Everywhere there are reminders of a fragile peace even as I saw Israeli girls as young as age 17 armed with their machine guns guarding the streets of Jerusalem.  The young men that I encountered were more vocal.  “You are from Canada?”, and I nod yes. Each one would hold my arm and look into my eyes, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.  With tears in my eyes I would assure them, yes and yes. The amazing thing is that they all seemed to be able to connect Canadians as people who pray. I am thankful to be able to return to the National House of Prayer where we do pray, not only for our nation but also for the nation of Israel.  I won’t let them down. 

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