God cares about the Economy

loonieby Richard Long

Tomorrow is Budget Day on Parliament Hill.  If you have been following developments in Ottawa then you will know that there is a concern that the government will be defeated on this important issue.  Budget presentations are always confidence motions, so in a minority government situation, it becomes a matter of much prayer.

Given the state of the economy in the United States, and its spillover effect on our Canadian economy we need to pray for wisdom for our Finance Minister – Jim Flaherty as he steers the ship amid rough seas.

So there are 2 major prayer requests we want to emphasize over the next couple of days.

1. Pray for the reactions of the opposition parties to the budget once it is tabled on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 26th) and also the media who like to stir the pot.  The final vote will probably come on March 4 or 5, but the staking out of their positions will come in the hours following its presentation at 4:00 PM tomorrow.

2. Pray for great wisdom for Minister Jim Flaherty and his advisors as they deal with the North American economic challenges affecting all facets of our society, from banking, real estate, manufacturing and exports to consumer confidence and spending.

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