Jesus, I plead your blood…..


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by Wendy Turpin

I had the privilege yesterday of joining a team of young people deeply convicted to pray against abortion in this nation, in their life-siege outside a local Ottawa hospital. There were about 14 of us in total and after a time of worship, prayer and communion, we all piled into a couple of cars to our “siege” destination. When we got there we found a good location off the property but still in sight of a hospital where abortions are performed and placed red tape over our mouths with the word “life” or “vie” written upon it. And then, for an hour we stood looking straight at this hospital, in the cold, praying silently against abortion.

According to 4MyCanada’s website, which arranges these life-sieges, Since the lifting of all legislation on abortions in Canada approximately 3.3 million Canadians have been aborted (based on Stats Canada numbers). This is a conservative number because it only reflects ‘reported’ abortions and does not include the morning after pill, which is, the earliest form of pregnancy termination. If you do the math this works out to at LEAST 20% of our generation in Canada that has never made it past the womb. If you include unreported abortions and the pill the number could be as high as 30-40%. This works out to 2-3000 Canadians per week and about a baby every 1.5 minutes that abortion clinics are open. In your 15 minute prayer block it is probable that 10 babies (statistically) will be aborted….we believe your prayers will be direct intervention into these stats. Go for it! And go for it we did — proudly!

As someone who joined the over-40 set some time ago, it is inspiring to me to see youth and young adults taking on a cause of such high importance for the future of this nation, but they were very clear to tell me more than once that they were glad I had joined them in the siege. This is not an age group thing for them they said, they want people of all ages to get involved! If you’re not already, you can start by joining me and millions of others in praying a 22 word prayer written by Lou Engle that goes like this: JESUS I PLEAD YOUR BLOOD OVER MY SINS AND THE SINS OF MY NATION. GOD END ABORTION AND SEND REVIVAL TO CANADA” Please also take the time to read more about this initiative at 4 My Canada

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