We welcome the Wilsons!

by Richard LongIain and Susan Wilson

This past week we welcomed Iain and Susan Wilson back to Canada, and back to NHOP.  Many of you who had visited us back in the Fall of 2006 will remember them when they were interning with us.  In the last 14 months they have been seeking the Lord about returning to work with us as they raised financial and prayerful support in Scotland. 

Susan is a physiotherapist by profession and sat the exams here last Autumn, and was immediately offered a position in Ottawa.  Iain will be working part time with us (we joke that that means only 50 hours a week.)  They both have a passion for prayer and for seeing our nation transformed by the gospel.

It has been so encouraging to see how the Lord has led them back to our community and to the work He has designed for them here at the National House of Prayer.  So if you get a Scottish accent when you call our office, you can say “Hi” to Iain and Susan.

We hope many of you will begin to keep them in your prayers.

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One Response to We welcome the Wilsons!

  1. andreaargue says:

    I do remember Iain and Susan! How kind of God to bring them back! I remember their tender passionate prayers and their beautiful hearts. Canada is richer for having them on our soil. Hope they like snow!

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