Super Tuesday and the Mardi Gras spirit

Normally we don’t spend a lot of time praying for the government of the United States.  It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just not our main focus, and we know there are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of American intercessors who are engaged on this.

But as the famous Trudeau quote goes, “Whenever the U.S. sneezes, Canada catches a cold”.   So we know we will be affected by the election of the next American President.

Tomorrow is “Super Tuesday”, the day that many of the delegates will be picked for the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions.  It could decide the eventual winner.  That’s the way that the Primary system and the Electoral College system works south of the border.

As we have been praying about this today, we were reminded that tomorrow is also Mardi Gras. (Fat Tuesday)  A few years ago the Lord showed us the dangerous spirit that seems to operate on this particular day on the calendar.  It is especially reigns in New Olreans or in places like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The operating delusion promises that whatever sins committed on Tuesday can be atoned for during the 40 days of Lent that follow.  What actually happens is that the sins, shame and condemnation prevent millions from entering into a true spirit of repentance during the Lenten season. 

It’s similar to the sin of Esau when he sold his birthright for that brief moment of indulgence of his appetite.  There is a recklessness, a “devil-may-care” approach to life during Mardi Gras.  The spirit of Lust captures many people.  Willful sin or presumptious sin.  “Keep back Thy servant also from presumptious sins, may they not reign over me.” Psalm 19:13

So what happens when that Mardi Gras spirit is twinned with a major election process?  We are praying against recklessness and baseness in the way millions of people will be voting tomorrow.  Let’s pray that that the American people will not be seduced by “feel-good” emotions as they enter the polling booths, but instead will be prayerful and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He would hover over their decision-making tomorrow.

It wouldn’t hurt to pray for our Parliament along the same lines!  – Richard Long

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