Hi-tech Prayer Reminders


This is going to sound a little lame, or even a little “unspiritual”, but I’m one of those people who finds using a prayer list kind of dry.  Certainly over many years I have used a list, and I still have notes on my bulletin board, and pictures held to my fridge by magnets, all of which help me to remember people that I promised I would pray for regularly.

A few months ago someone drew my attention to a free website that offers to organize this for you.  I’ve been trying it out and it is keeping my prayers fresh.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t have to listen to the Holy Spirit anymore, but sometimes He uses an aid.  Here’s how it works.  All you do is set up the prayer reminders to come to your email, either on a specific schedule that you choose, or you let the program randomize them so that you get some variety in your prayer life.

Since I am looking at email at various times during the day anyway, it is easy to take a minute and pray when the Echo Prayer reminder lands in my “In” box.   There are numerous testimonies on the website about how the Holy Spirit has used the randomizing effect to set up some very timely prayers.  Check it out at Echo Prayer Reminder.   – Richard Long

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  1. LizH says:

    Brilliant!!! … Liz

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