Things I’ve Been Praying

As a prayer missionary here at NHOP there are a lot of areas to cover.  Not only do we pray for all our government leaders, we also pray about the passing of good legislation that represents a Godly standard.  Two laws that I personally have been praying about and I know are of concern to others here, are Bill C-2, the proposed Tackling of Violent Crime Act and Bill C-484 the proposed Unborn Victims of Crime Act. 

The first is the government’s omnibus bill presented right after the throne speech in the fall which proposes changes to the Criminal Code that would reflect amendments to our gun laws, bail provisions, tougher sentencing for sexual and violent offenders and the raising of the age of sexual consent to 16.  This bill is currently stuck in the Senate and Conversative MPs are calling for it to get out of the bog and mire soon so it can be finally passed.  Bill C-484, which will make it an offence if a child is killed or injured in the womb through some type of assault was proposed in November as a private members bill.   Some are saying that if this legislation goes through it could open up a debate on abortion within the House of Commons and because of this they would not support the passing of the bill.  As one who supports the right to life of an unborn child, I believe it would be God honouring and right for this bill to pass. Thus the prayer.

Other areas of prayer are, obviously, our support of pro-life issues,  and perhaps less obvioulsy to some, that committee meetings would run fairly and cooperatively as they mete out their specialized tasks and that not only would the media report the truth (without the spin) but that their influence over the government’s agenda would end. (Case in point go to for some interesting reading on January 28th, 2008, about the CBC and their interference in a recent highly publicized parliamentry committee meeting.)  Thus the prayer.

Although there’s more, Richard told me to keep my blogs short.  Therefore, let me end by saying that there are a plethora of things to pray about. As has been evidenced in Question Period right from the outset of this parliamentry session that began on January 28th, we’re anticipating a very high-strung winter session as this present government wards off an election threat that has been lingering since even before they broke the Canadian 18th month record for a minority government to hold office. Some would say they’ve been there too long. Some would say not.  Thus the prayer.  END

 Wendy Turpin

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